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Psalm 119:105
"Your word is a lamp to my feet
and a light for my path"


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      Weekly Sermons

      Sermons from members of the welcoming church directory.



      A series of articles discussing our salvation through Jesus Christ.


      Words of Encouragement

      Articles written to encourage your heart and strengthen your faith.



      Articles directed toward the 'signs of the times' with a special

      emphasis on the prophetic word and the homosexual community.


      Building the Body of Christ in Love

      A series of articles discussing the need and mission to "build the

      Body of Christ in love".



      Scripture tells us that one of the two foundations to His throne is

      Justice (Psalm 89:14). But is the gay community being treated

      "justly" by the Church? No!



      Go and make disciples of all nations...


      Welcoming Church Report

      The yearly welcoming church report and survey other articles

       related to the subject.


      The Bible

      Articles that explore the Bible itself.





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