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By Elaine

Author "Calling the Rainbow Nation Home"


Red vs. Blue States and Prophecy




Lately, for me at least, the Lord seems to be emphasizing the prophetic word. I had felt compelled for months to set up a new section on the web site where the prophetic word concerning our community could be heard. I felt that we really needed to hear where God was taking us. I am a very goal minded person. I want to know what my objective is. Knowing my objective allows me to plan better on how to get from where I am today to where I want to be.


My walk as a Christian is no different. I want my steps to be ordered in such a way that I am pressing towards the mark that God has placed out there for me. I don’t want to be spending my time aimlessly wandering around, going in a myriad of directions that have nothing to do with God’s purpose for my life.


This same principle applies to the Church as well. We should all want to know where God is taking us so our steps can be ordered in such a way as to take us there. Our goal isn’t to stay camped right where we are. Our mission is to move whenever and wherever the Holy Spirit is taking us. To do less means we are wasting our time wandering aimlessly about.


So with this in mind, I set up the “Prophetic” portion of the website and started to search for others such as myself who have been straining to hear where God is taking us. Of special interest to me were those who walk in the five fold ministerial gift of prophesy (Ephesians 4:11-13). To that end, Samuel Kader put me in touch with Len, a dear friend of his from the U.K. who had recently set up a website called “God’s Friends.” 


It didn’t take more than an email or so and we quickly found out we were kindred souls. Like Samuel, Len and I both shared a burning desire to know where God was taking the Body of Christ-- and most especially, where the gay community fit into the grand scheme of things. We found that our ministerial gifts and talents complimented each other. Whereas Len would get a “word from the Lord” or have a particular Scripture come to his heart, my gift was to take these words and/or Scriptures and to study them out, adding flesh to the frame that Len had already built.


An example of these ministries complimenting each other occurred after the presidential election on November 2nd. Len felt ‘burdened’ by several Bible passages, including Psalm 89:14. When he brought these verses up with me, I too felt my heart quickened by Psalm 89:14.   I felt an overwhelming sense that judgment was coming upon the church for her hard hearted attitudes towards the gay population and other disenfranchised groups. Over time, I was able to ponder these thoughts and wrote the piece “Righteousness and Justice,” which explains much of what Len and I have been feeling over these last several weeks.


One of the things that intrigued me was Len’s reference to other prophets, including one in particular by the name of Rick Joyner. Now I can be a skeptic at times of such things but am cognizant of the important role the prophet plays in the five-fold ministry (Ephesians 4:11-13). I am also alert to the fact that as the day of the Lord draws near we can expect to see an increase in the spiritual gifts (Acts 2:17-18).


Why? Because as the times grow more and more difficult, we need the Holy Spirit to "guide us unto all truth” and to “take what is of the Lord” and reveal it to us (John 16:13-15). It is also imperative to make sure that we are hearing from the Lord and not from satan trying to mislead us or from someone who spouts off rubbish to garner their five minutes of fame. For these reasons, it is imperative that we follow the Scriptural guidelines for weighing and judging prophecy to ascertain if it is from the Lord or not (see  "Judging Prophecy").


I will say “straight up” that I have not yet run these prophecies I am about to talk about through a rigorous Scriptural check to see if I can find any flaw to their logic. On the other hand, I see no “red flags” to these words, either. They seem to fit with what I am feeling in my own heart at this day and hour. That does not mean, however, that we are to take the following prophecies from Pamela White, Rick Joyner, Bob Jones and what the Lord told me over five years ago as carte blanche accounts of what lies in our future. Scripture is replete with numerous examples of a prophet’s warning changing the hearts of a people and turning a nation around before it was too late. All three of these prophets would concur with this statement, although Rick Joyner seems to feel that certain events he has foretold are “inevitable” and are even desired by the Lord to clean up the church.


I will warn you ahead of time two things. First, that if you research out Rick Joyner or Bob Jones on the internet, you will find numerous articles and write-ups about them being "false prophets", "agents of Satan" and all sorts of negative assertions about them. While I read these articles I'm keenly aware that there isn't one minister, evangelist or Christian writer I've ever come across that you won't find some kind of accusations about. The more impact their ministry has, the more sensational and negative the articles become. So I read such things with a grain of salt and let that persons work/writings and ministry speak for itself.


The second fact I need to point out is that Rick Joyner, and probably Bob Jones as well, are part of the “anti-gay” crowd. However, I think it wise to follow the advice of the late Rev. Kenneth Hagin that we are to “eat the hay and spit out the sticks” when dealing with such matters. Or as my mother used to say, “Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.” Because of the biases of these men, I tend to focus more on their vision and/or dream they had rather than on their interpretation of that particular event. Their opinion is important to me but I'm also aware that their own background, experiences and prejudices may cloud their interpretation to some degree. Obviously the same criteria needs to be applied to my alternative hypothesis as to the meaning and interpretation of these visions. Let your own spirit speak to you when you read.


Civil War in the Church


The first of these prophetic visions comes from Rick Joyner, who began seeing this vision back in 1988. The vision returned to him again in a dream in 1995 and then for a third time in February of 1996. I will cut “straight to the chase,” as my Grandmother used to say, and focus on the main parts of this vision/dream. If you want to read the entire dream, you can read it by clicking on the link provided below. I will only cover the main parts of the prophetic vision in this article today.


In this particular prophetic vision he called "Civil War in the Church", Rick foresaw an impending battle that is going to take place within the Christian church itself. This will, most likely, not be an actual physical battle but a fierce spiritual battle, the objective of which is to “drive the accuser brethren out of the church” so that the church can then “come into a unity that would otherwise be impossible.”


This battle won’t be easy, however. It will take much longer than originally anticipated. In addition, “the battle to win… will look like one of the greatest defeats that the Church has ever suffered. The accuser will arise from some of the most unexpected places and people. This will, in fact, be one of the cruelest battles the Church has ever faced. Like every civil war, it will cause brother to turn against brother" and “at times Christians, almost universally, will loath to even call themselves Christians. Believers and unbelievers alike will think that it is the end of Christianity as we know it, and it will be. Through this the very definition of Christianity will be changed, for the better. The church that emerges from what is coming will be full of unprecedented grace, truth, and unprecedented power.”


Rick went on to say that this “impending civil war in the church will parallel the American Civil War in many ways…. Just as with the American Civil War, spiritual slavery and oppression will become the primary issue facing the church.” Rick was impressed over and over again with this whole concept of an institutionalized “spiritual slavery” that was “holding their people in spiritual bondage”. Rick emphasized the point that these groups were plagued by a "controlling spirit" that sought to manipulate and control their people through a wide variety of means including false doctrines, fear, peer pressure, and persuasive speech. While the leaders of these groups genuinely may feel that they are doing this for the 'common good' they were in fact working contrary to the will of God and to what God was trying to work through His Church in this day and hour.


Rick believed that this “spiritual slavery” was primarily being perpetuated by some of the larger denominations and organizations, mega churches and the pseudo religious institutions. In addition, like the American Civil War, Rick was impressed by the sense that another factor behind these groups obstinacy was economic considerations. In his vision he saw that these mega ministries were reliant on the steady inflow of cash that fighting this issue brought them. Worse yet, that many of these ministries, in their massive rush to expand had over extended themselves in debt and feared that they would go financially bankrupt if they gave up the fight. Therefore, it was not in their financial best interest to do anything but perpetuate the battle even after many of them may sense that they are wrong. Because of pride, the need to control and money, this spiritual battle would continue much longer than it should and lead to many more spiritual casualties than it would if God’s people would just admit to the error of their ways and repent.


In summation, Rick was impressed over and over again with the similarities between this ensuing civil war and the civil war we fought in the United States over slavery. He was told that the goal of the civil war was to rip out from the Church what wasn’t of the Lord and to replace it with a spirit of humility, grace, truth, power and above all else – true spiritual unity. This spiritual civil war within the Church was an important turning point in the Church’s history for without it the Church would never be properly prepared for the return of Her King.


Cracking Stone and Threshing Rod


The second vision I want to briefly talk about was a series of ‘waking visions’ and ‘words of wisdom/understanding’ the Lord gave me back in the mid 1990’s and has been reiterating to me ever since. This vision is the basis for my second book titled “Cracking Stone and Threshing Rod” which is the sequel to “Calling the Rainbow Nation Home”.  The main crux of this prophetic insight came in God’s reply to my question, “Why us and why now?”  Another words, why was God allowing us (homosexuals) to be persecuted by the Church and why was this occurring now, right before Christ was supposedly going to return again? In my spirit I clearly heard the Holy Spirit reply to me, “You are the cracking stone and threshing rod for the Church.”


It was a simple enough reply, and one that I knew had come from God Himself. Although I had a pretty good idea what God meant, it took me several years to ferret out the implications behind these words. Pieces to the puzzle are still coming together today, as the Holy Spirit had impressed upon me last year that they would.


The primary gist of this word from the Lord was that the Church had grown very hardened in her opinions, doctrines and institutions. Furthermore, she had drifted away from His heart and a deep Pharisaical spirit had taken hold, perverting her spirit, doctrine and religious institutions. God was going to use ‘us’, and I assume other issues like us, to crack open the Church’s hardened heart and strip away what wasn’t of Him. Those who had an ear, and a heart, to hear what the Holy Spirit was saying to the Church in this hour would survive this refining. Those who had grown overly attached to their belief systems and religious institutions (e.g. Caiaphas John 11:47-50)[1] would not. It would be a difficult time, a “combustible” time within the church but we (i.e. the gay Christian community) would be ‘OK’ if we stayed close to Him. If we became overly political or started to fall into the same trap as many in the Church – i.e., relying too much on our own religious institutions, political power, money, influence etc., then we too would be ground up in this refining process.

In the end though, the process was essential for the church – both individually and corporately as the Body of Christ. Why? Because God had mandated that the Holy Spirit “draw out” from each of us that which is of Him. He was and is looking for His character in us, but this cannot happen until our hardened shells have been sheared off and our character can undergo the final refining. This refining process will then lead to the final move of God, the culmination of all the previous moves before it. But this move can never happen until this cracking, sheering and refining process is allowed to run its course.

The Party of the “Stronger Faith"

In Pamela White’s prophetic word ("USA Election and God's Portion for our Lives"), she shared with us that the Lord had told her months before the presidential election that “the party that wins will not be the one with people of stronger faith, but the party that loses will be.”


This word confounded her for months and she was led to believe that it meant that the Democrats would win the election because it was commonly assumed that the Republicans were the more “faith based” of the two. As you can imagine, she was a bit shocked to learn November 3rd that President Bush had been reelected. So what did this mean? In answer to her questions, the Lord gave her this word for our community.

"My precious children, the distress of this moment will pass. Know that you are close to My heart and that My purposes for you have not been sidelined. Come to Me in this hour and I will cover you with My comfort and renew a sense of purpose in your life. I say to you that My kingdom is nothing like the kingdoms of men. I raise up and I bring down. I establish governments and remove them. The nations are but a speck in My hand. Do not fear the distress and anxiety of the nations. Stay tucked tightly in My arms and presence.

I tell you today that many have prayed for changes in human government, but these changes, given by Me in response to faith, do not in themselves change the hearts of men. I want you to understand that the portion I have given you is to be used for a higher purpose than to move governments. The portion I give to you is to move the hearts of mankind.

The change of earthly government indicates a season change for you as well. I have wisdom, days of intercession, teachings, and acts born of the mighty power of My Spirit to show you. This new season of outpouring and equipping will unlock deep wells of compassion, understanding and love in you and those around you. My Word and My Spirit will reach soul wounds of unspeakable depths and bring healing to bodies, hearts and spirits. Your very lives are the keys I am holding to bring change to others. I honor and will continue to honor the faith you have maintained in the longs seasons when there didn't seem to be reason to continue. I declare you blessed this day. I declare you blessed. BLESSED. BLESSED. BLESSED."

I see the Lord telling us through Pamela’s words that God is using us to “move the hearts of mankind,” not necessarily to “move governments.” We also read that this change in our earthly government signaled “a season (of) change” for us as well and that in this “new season” we will see an “outpouring and equipping[2] that “will unlock deep wells of compassion, understanding and love in you and those around you. My Word [3] and My Spirit [4] will reach soul wounds of unspeakable depths and bring healing to bodies, hearts and spirits.” She concludes by saying that our “very lives are the keys I am holding to bring change to others…” and that God has declared us as “BLESSED, BLESSED, BLESSED”!

But in all this, let’s not forget the first word the Lord had given her that “the party that wins will not be the one with people of stronger faith, but the party that loses will be.” Because we don’t see this “stronger faith” today, we can only conclude that this “new season” for us coupled with the “outpouring and equipping” of the saints, will usher in this “stronger faith” that will “reach soul wounds of unspeakable depths and bring healing to bodies, hearts and spirits”.


But do you know what the most startling revelation she brought to us was? That this process has already begun.


The Number Seven


The final prophetic vision I want to talk about comes from Bob Jones, a friend and compatriot of Rick Joyner. I haven’t researched it but I would imagine that Bob Jones is, most likely, anti-gay as well. Again, I don’t care about that here. I’m only interested in the prophetic vision God gave him, not really in his interpretation of that vision (although I’m not really sure Bob gave one…).


Bob had this vision toward the end of 2003 and he gave it as part of his prophetic statement for the upcoming 2004-year. It’s a very long vision, much of which didn’t really stir anything inside of me. But part of that vision did stir me, and that’s the part I want to talk about now.


In this vision Bob saw the number seven, superimposed across a map of the United States and Canada. “This was to spiritually indicate that a work of completion had been accomplished in a number of people prepared for a fresh release from the throne of heaven. The places that the number seven laid across the map indicated a unique release of the Spirit in those areas.” This does not mean that where the seven touches “is the exclusive place in which the Lord is releasing a deposit of His Spirit. Rather, it is strictly highlighting this area for an extraordinary expression of God to be demonstrated by those specifically designed for this purpose.”


Bob went on to say “there is a finished work that has been fulfilled in a body of people who will be brought close to the Lord and His throne to hear fresh expressions from His heart. Seven is the number symbolic of completion to indicate the maturing that has transpired in those to be used by the Holy Spirit.”


So where exactly did this number seven fall? The “seven seemed to begin along the Gulf coast and expand at an angle toward the northeast with the region of New Hampshire forming the uppermost portion of the numerical symbol. From there it extended across the northern portion of the United States and across Canada to the West Coast and made a slight turn down around Oregon and California."


The Inverted Seven


But that wasn’t all. Bob’s vision continued and he “saw another numerical seven; however, this one was inverted. This was also to indicate the completed and maturing work that has been accomplished in the realm of darkness[5] through those who oppose the work of the cross and the Church of the Lord Jesus.”


Bob went on to say that we are not to be afraid because “His Light will always overcome darkness and we should not be threatened by this increased opposition. When we submit ourselves to Him in complete trust, He will go before us in the battle.”


However, “a baptism of fire is coming upon those who have been set apart and prepared to be mightily anointed in this juncture of the Church history. The Lord clearly has a strategic blueprint…


Bob went on to say that many important men who had helped mature the Church and bring Her to this juncture had passed, or were passing away. He noted, “The present generation must now assume the responsibility of leadership and take the next step to go far beyond the valuable foundation established by these devoted predecessors. As Elijah was a prophet in the wilderness, the Lord will now establish the Elishas who will be prophets to the masses.”


No longer will the Lord’s anointed ones be hidden in the wilderness. They will now be revealed on a broad scale to a number of people in a corporate way. A new generation of radical prophetic voices will now emerge who have encountered Heaven and carry a fresh expression from the heart of God.


There will now come into view men and women burning with the flame of Heaven ignited in their souls, who embody radical passion and extravagant devotion. These will know the reality of the prophetic proclamation spoken over the Lord Jesus by the prophet John the Baptist. Those who follow Him and experientially apprehend the baptism of fire will carry a notable deposit of heavenly virtue” (love). Bob closed this thought with Matthew 3:11-12. I couldn't help but notice the similarities between these verses and the "Cracking Stone and Threshing Rod" word the Lord had given me several years ago.

Matthew 3:11-12

“As for me, I baptize you with water for repentance, but He who is coming after me is mightier than I, and I am not fit to remove His sandals; He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire. His winnowing fork is in His hand, and He will thoroughly clear His threshing floor; and He will gather His wheat into the barn, but He will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire.”


The Maps


There is a lot more to Bob’s prophetic vision, but that’s enough for now. I want to get to the maps now. Pamela tied the start of this movement to the Presidential election. Len and I had the same impression, so let’s pull up the famous, or infamous “Red vs. Blue States” map. The blue states, of course, were the ones who voted Democratic while the Red states voted Republican. That is NOT to say that God is for or against any political party! But it’s important to bring up because of the importance of this election from the spiritual “starting gun” AND that the Word of the Lord to Pamela White was that the party with the “strongest faith would lose”. That would, by default, be the blue states – although a county-by-county map of the election shows more gradient and highlights the fact that the blue and red are far more interspersed throughout the country than this map indicates.



Now let’s flip back to the map of our country during the time of the civil war. Why? Because Rick Joyner was heavily impressed by the correlation between the spiritual “civil war” that is about to take place in the Church with the civil war over slavery some 150 years ago. I might also note that, if you have studied church history, that the civil war over slavery followed a HUGE spiritual war within the Church over this same issue. The great debate over slavery splintered the denominations and birthed many of the new denominations we know today.



Much was made of how much these two maps correlate to each other a few weeks after the election, but this discussion never broached the subject from the prophetic standpoint. That being Rick Joyner’s prophesy concerning how this coming spiritual war will mimic the civil war over slavery. Again – remember what Pamela White had to say in her prophecy concerning the party with more faith would lose. We can clearly see the same boundaries and lines developing today that existed back during the time of the civil war.


Now in your mind, draw a large number seven that extends up the east coast, across the top of the United States and through Canada and then down through WA, OR and parts of CA (Northern California?). Bob Jones saw that God’s great awakening would take place primarily, but not exclusively, in these areas. Remember that Canada is in the midst of passing legislation that will allow gay marriages to be recognized across their entire country – probably by the end of next year.


Then draw an inverted number seven stretching in the reverse pattern of the original number seven. This would imply that Southern California (?), the mid and southwest, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama etc. would be part of this inverted number seven. Bob stated that the opposition to what God was trying to do in this hour would come from the territories embodied in this inverted seven. Rick Joyner had said that the civil war would pit God’s people against the “accuser of the Brethren” – so think of that when you draw the inverted number seven.


Do these pictures grip you as they do me?



This and That


Some common themes mentioned by many of the prophecies that I have not yet talked about are:


  1. It is important to be rested; don’t burn out. Keep the Sabbath. What the Lord keeps telling me over and over again is that it’s a marathon, not a sprint.  I need to get my temple (i.e. my body) back in shape, eat right and not slave away at my computer 24-7. I need to regain some balance in my life, get rid of some of the weight, get proper rest, and spend quality time with my family. It’s a marathon.  Train your body, soul (mind) and spirit like you’re in this for the long haul – because we are. As Rick Joyner said, this “civil war” is going to last a lot longer than we think.


  1. Get connected. If you don’t have a church home yet – find one. Find a good one. Fellowship with your brothers and sisters in Christ through the bulletin board. You’re going to need the support from other brothers and sisters in Christ during the difficult times ahead. It was also stressed by Rick Joyner that connecting with other “like minded” Christians was very important right now. The stronger the interconnecting “net” between us, the easier it will be to ride out the winds that will whip through the Church.


  1. Get out of debt. Rough times lie ahead for our country and we are in for another terrible season of “shaking.” Think of the Great Depression in the 1930’s and prepare for that. Get your financial house in order and GET OUT OF DEBT! If you don’t, then worries and stress over your financial situation will eat you up and may entangle you to the extent that you are not available to God to be used in this mighty move about ready to take place. Looking back, I’m wondering if some of the financial shaking many of us have already experienced was to save us from harsher shaking later on. Also, don’t be fooled or lulled into a false sense of peace, safety and ease when God gives us a bit more time before this shaking occurs. Use this time wisely. Pray that spouses both see the same thing so that tensions don’t build up when one spouse wants to keep buying while the other is trying to get their financial house in order. This doesn’t mean that we are to run and hide in the basement somewhere! Fear is not from the Lord! What it does mean is that we are to get our financial house in order so we are unencumbered by financial stress and worry. Good advice in even the best of times…


  1. Judgment will start first with the Church. Rick Joyner brought this up, as did Len and I (“Righteousness and Judgment") Pamela noted that the “season of change” started the moment the 2004 Presidential election was over. This is what Len and I also felt in our spirits. Bob Jones remarked that this change would begin to take place in 2004. So by all accounts, it has begun. The important point is to not be surprised or caught unaware thinking that this judgment is only going to happen to ‘them.’ It starts right here, with the Church, with us, first. For us in the gay community, that means judgment will start right here with us as well.


  1. Expect false unity movements. Rick Joyner and others mentioned that with every move of God, there is a false move mimicking God’s intent. He said in his prophecy (Remember that much of that prophecy was given over 10 years ago!) that there would be many manmade attempts to “jury rig” unity between denominational groups. Most of these attempts will center around specific political, religious or economic agendas. But none of these agendas are from the Lord and eventually these manmade groups will, one by one, fall by the wayside. Rick said that when the “real thing” occurs, we will know it and there will be no agenda. My two cents worth is to also note the character of the leadership involved. Do we see the fruit of the spirit Paul talked about in Galatians? Where is the humility, kindness and love? If instead we see judgment, condemnation and pride, then it isn’t from God.


  1. Expect things to continue to tear at the unity of the community of Christ. The worst thing that can happen to satan is that we come together in "one accord". Unity is God's goal so remember - satan will try his hardest to separate and divide us.


In summary, prophecy is given to encourage and build up the Body of Christ. Sometimes prophecy is given to warn God’s people so we have time to turn away from a dangerous course of action before it is too late. In this case, I think these prophecies serve both agendas. God wants the prejudicial, unloving nature removed from the church-- His Church. So these prophecies serve to warn the Church that they need to turn from their ways and embrace God’s great commandment of love[6]


The Holy Spirit is telling us that this struggle will, in the end, serve this purpose. It’s not a needless fight; there is a purpose to it. We are being warned about this ahead of time so we’re not caught unawares and don’t grow disheartened and begin to doubt our faith when the anti-gay movement gets worse and worse and worse. God is also warning us that this is going to last a lot longer than many of us imagine. Again, He is telling us this now so we can gird our self for the long haul.


And the Holy Spirit, through all four of these prophetic words, encourages us over and over again that if we stay close to Him, we will be protected and sheltered. There is no need to be worried or afraid. Just rejoice that, in the end, justice – God’s kind of mercy and justice – will prevail. And the world will be a much better place because of it.



Note: If you are still confused about how a gay Christian can feel they are 'right' with God I encourage you to read the section of the web site entitled "Gay and Christian? YES!"



[1] The article entitled "Prejudice in the Church" also touches on this issue.

[2] When you think “equipping,” think of the gifts of the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:4-5; Romans 12:4-8; 1 Corinthians 12:1-6; 1 Peter 4:10) coupled with the refining / equipping role of the five fold ministry (Ephesians 4:11-13)

[3]Think of the Word of God coupled with five fold ministry of the teacher (Ephesians 4:11-13)

[4] Think of the outpouring of the Spirit upon “all flesh” (Acts 2:17-18) coupled with the five fold ministry of prophet (Ephesians 4:11-13)

[5]  Think of the maturing of the tares (Matthew 13:24-30, 36-41) and the Pharisaical spirit that has taken hold, and matured in the Church.

[6]  The articles entitled “Righteousness and Justice” and "Is Homosexuality a Sin?" address this issue.


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