Welcome to gaychurch.org!

 This web site hopes to serve the Christian GLBT (gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgendered) community and friends of our community. Gaychurch.org’s mission and ministry is two fold. First is to bring God's message of reconciliation and love to the gay (GLBT) community. Secondly is to be a catalyst to bring our diverse and far flung Christian community together. Regardless of our race, gender, sexual orientation, political or national affiliation - or any other thing that would seek to artificially divide us. We are one in Christ (Galatians 3:28).

 As you tour our site for the first time I’d like to point out a few things. First off there are nine major sections (note: not all of these sections will be up right away):  

  1. The Home page serves as the introduction to the site as well as providing quick access to the other main topic areas (e.g. "The Word" and the bulletin board). To return to the "home" page just click on the word "Home" located to the left of the page or on the gaychurch.org logo found at the upper left hand corner.  An archived listing of everything that's ever been posted to the site can be found by clicking on the picture or the word "archive" found at the far right of the page. For more information on “gaychurch.org” click here.


  1. Spotlight! purpose is to highlight new articles, features etc.. that have been recently added to the site. For more information on “Spotlight!” click here.


  1. The Word” is where new articles/lessons concerning the Word of God are posted. These articles come primarily (but not always) from folks associated with our bulletin board community. For more information on “The Word” click here.


  1. Gay and Christian? YES!” section explores the issues and Scriptures commonly used against homosexuality. You will find much comfort and solace here that God INDEED (!) loves you just as you are! Gay AND Christian! For more information on “Gay and Christian? YES!” click here.


  1. Discussion Board” is the bulletin board for our community. Here you have an opportunity to fellowship with other Christians from around the world.


  1. Find a Church” provides links to churches throughout the world that openly welcome and accept GLBT Christians into their fellowship. Our hope is that not only will every person be able to find a church home but to encourage these churches to find and then fellowship with one another. For more information on “Find a Church” click here.


  1. La Puerta” (“The Door”) serves the Spanish speaking people in our community. Here articles of note, major announcements, links of interest and the like are translated into Spanish. For more information on “La Puerta” click here.


  1. Praise and Worship highlights art, music and poetry that gives honor and praise to God. Most of these works were created by the members of the bulletin board. For more information on "Praise and Worship" click here.


  1. Links” provides links of interest to our community. For more information on “Links” click here.


  1. GALIP” explains the mission and purpose of G.A.L.I.P. (Gods Agape Love into Practice). GALIP is responsible for the creation and ongoing maintenance of this site, the bulletin board and several other works within the GLBT community. This section also provides information on how to contact us and to donate to GALIP’s ongoing work. Note: GALIP is a non-profit corporation and donations may be tax deductible in your country (e.g. United States). For more information on “GALIP” click here.