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A Divine Revelation of Angels

Other Books By: Mary K. Baxter

Best-selling author Mary Baxter describes dreams, visions, and revelations of angels that God has given her. Explore the fascinating dynamics of angelic beings-their appearance, their assigned functions and roles, and how they operate, not only in the heavenly realms, but also in our lives here on earth. Discover the difference between good angels and bad angels (demons) and their activities as you learn to distinguish angels of light from angels of darkness. God's holy angels are magnificent beings who are His messengers and warriors sent to assist, sustain, protect, and deliver us through the power of Christ.





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Other Books By: Charles Capps

Amazon reader review: This is one of the most straight-forward and profound messages, not only regarding exactly what angles do in our lives, but (and most importantly) what the power of our words holds. In many of Capps' book reviews, those denouncing his message need to go back to their Bible concordances and read EVERY SINGLE SCRIPTURE on the "tongue", the "mouth", "words" and any other related terms. Even Jesus said that we are sanctified or condemned by our words (and he wasn't just talking about going to Heaven or hell) We Christians often do not take hold of the power that our words release or the fact that God has given us free will to choose what we say and follow. Going WAY past a "name-it-and-claim-it" book, this book, along with Capps' others, really explain the root of the power and authority of what we say. What we speak and declare is what releases our faith (which isn't very powerful if kept shut up) and fuels it to take hold and manifest in our lives.


Angels and Their Mission: According to the Fathers of the Church

Other Books By: Jean Danielou

Jean Danielou, who spearheaded the Catholic movement of patristic scholarship in the mid to late twentieth century, is a true master of the patristic mind, with the added advantage that he has even their least accessible works at his literary fingertips. Here he has stooped to give us a compendium of patristic angelology, in a form that is both popular and scholarly acute. Dry medieval speculation about the metaphysical natures of angels gave way long ago to modern skepticism of their very existence, which has more recently given way to a postmodern fanciful obsession with them, an obsession which is unfortunately now unhinged from any foundation in the theological tradition which gave us angelology in the first place.

Danielou submerges us in the first Christian reflections on God's heavenly hosts, beginning in the pages of Scripture itself and stretching through the fifth century (with a chronological exemption given to our good friend Denys, for obvious reasons), reflection which focuses not on their natures but rather on their mission to man, a topic far more robust and theologically satisfying.

Danielou's chapters on the angelic activity of the Old Covenant and of the pagan nations were most interesting, if only because this activity is the most glossed over by post-patristic treatments. Most helpful is the way familiar biblical passages are interwoven with early patristic commentaries and homilies, which put the same passages in a new light. It is also stunning to see the broad and surprising amount of consensus which the Fathers were able to hold on issues related to angelology, even on matters which are of little interest to theologians today (e.g., guardian angels, the 'angels of the nations,' the role of the angels in the sacramental economy). The book has the added advantage of being short and concise, easily readable in two or three days.



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Angels Watching over Me

Other Books By: Betty Malz

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