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Prayer and Contemplation

Vol. #1



Intercessory Prayer: How God Can Use Your Prayers to Move Heaven and Earth

Other Books By: Dutch Sheets

With Intercessory Prayer, first-time author and gifted Bible teacher Dutch Sheets brings clear and startling revelation on the power of prayer and the role of intercession. With the rare grace of Lucado and Foster, Dutch unwraps the mystery of intercessory prayer, revealing our role as God's partners in His work. Have you ever wondered if your prayers really count? Or why you never seem to get any answers? If so, then Intercessory Prayer will convince you that your prayers can, indeed, move heaven and earth.



The Beginner's Guide to Intercession

Other Books By: Dutch Sheets

As believers in Jesus Christ, we have been invited into a loving relationship with God as Father and Friend-a relationship that allows us to intercede for others. As we intercede, we take the place of another-loved one or stranger, individual or nation-in prayer. If our primary motivation for prayer becomes interceding to achieve the results we desire, we will ultimately fail. But when we approach intercession as an opportunity to partner with our wonderful Father, and when we intercede with His will in mind, we draw into a deeper, more intimate relationship with God. We also find ourselves being used by God to make history and change lives.




Meaning of Prayer

Other Books By: Harry Emerson Fosdick

Amazon reader review: I purchased this book from a library close-out of old books for a mere 10-cents and having read it, I wouldn't sell it for ten-thousand pennies. It is truly my most favored piece. It's tattered pages have provided depth and riches to my prayer life as I'm sure it will to anyone who seeks a greater intimacy with our Creator and Father. Fosdick, in bringing the prayers of others into his pages, present a more comprehensive study to liberate our communication with our Lord. I can't love it enough for the way in which the Father is worshipped. A must read!




Quiet Talks on Prayer

Other Books By: S.D. Gordon

The "Quiet Talk" series, written in the early 1900s, was a popular series that sold over 2 million copies. Quiet Talks on Prayer was one of the more popular books in the series. In the distinctive and admired style that made S.D. Gordon famous, the writer explores the creative power unleashed in the place of prayer. Gordon leads you out of the habitual, forced patterns of prayer into a realm where prayer lives as it is activated by the Spirit of God.





In His Presence

Other Books By: E.W. Kenyon

Amazon reader review: Many of us forsake a true fellowship with God for a "hit or miss" prayer life. God desires for us to be fellow laborers with him, partakers of his divine nature, and this first begins in our relationship with him. This book, with such "heart" eloquence, urges and implores the believer to seek...even thirst after divine fellowship with the Father. With biblical truths it debunks all belief of unworthiness. It will help the believer take his rightful place as a son or daughter of God with the ability to come boldly to God with no sense of inferiority to have prayers heard and answered. If your prayer life has been lackluster, non-existent, or unfruitful, this book is for you.




Let Us Pray

Other Books By: Watchman Nee

Amazon reader review: Watchman Nee spent much of his life in prison for preaching Jesus Christ in China. This was back around the early 1900's, when gospel resistance was exceedingly fierce for missionaries in Asia. His books and teachings were written mostly behind bars, under the oppression of his communist jailers. God was with him in prison, though, and rewarded his faithfulness by allowing him to lead several prison guards to Christ before he died.

All Nee's books were originally written in Chinese, and they have a certain insight into Christ that I have found unique. This man knew God, there is no doubt. He was intimate with the Holy Spirit, and God gave him revelation in prayer. To Nee, prayer is simply aligning your will with God's will.

Of course, prayer is anything but simple. Prayer is often painful and taxing. What Nee does is lay down the basic rudiments for effective prayer: 1) Praying in God's will, birthed from the desire to know the heart of God on any given subject, and 2) Perseverence in prayer, or more specifically, praying until the burden is lifted.

The second half of the book offers a teaching on Satan's tactics to disrupt the prayer life of a saint, and how to pray effectively in a group meeting. Really good stuff, I think. Books like these are good to have, keeping parts highlighted for quick access when your spirit starts to ebb. Prayer is the most important part of the Christian's walk, the part Satan attacks the most, and it is wise to read as much as we can by men who have excelled in it.





Bridal Intercession

Other Books By: Mike Bickle

I can sincerely claim that I have begged, borrowed or purchased well over 100 books on prayer since the beginning of the 1990s when God began to awaken me with a calling to intercession. I'm not claiming expertise in stating this, but simply to state that this book truly stands out among the best in my experience.

The vehement lovesickness for Jesus that Gary Wiens conveys in this book is contagious. I look for such voices who are venturing ahead into passionate abandonment and are beckoning back to us to follow them as they follow Christ. The author provides a number of biblical insights, recounting the scriptures and then sifting through them to offer us wonderful and impacting statements into both the Person of Christ and the ways of God. If you are interested in prayer that is fanned by a heart that is ecstatic at being overtaken by Love personified, get this book.



Destined for the Throne

Other Books By: Paul Billheimer

A Fresh Edition of a Classic Call to Prayer. With its message of God's love for His Bride and believers' triumph in Christ, Destined for the Throne has been a rousing call to prayer for thousands. God's eternal purpose, writes Paul Billheimer, has been the preparation and training of an eternal companion for His Son: the Bride of Christ. This preparation takes place as believers engage in spiritual warfare, as they exercise believing prayer. God has chosen to work in the world through His children's prayers; Christians need prayer in order to practice for their heavenly destiny. Inspiring, challenging reading for all Christians serious about preparing for the Heavenly Bridegroom for those who are Destined for the Throne.






Taking our Cities for God

Other Books By: John Dawson

Amazon reader review: John has given us a biblical and practical textbook on spiritual warfare. Every church as well as every neighborhood prayer group would benefit from this.










The Breaker Anointing

Other Books By: Barbara J. Yoder

God is empowering a new breed of believers to break open territories and press through into greater levels of victory and power than ever before. In this revolutionary book, Pastor Barbara Yoder introduces Jesus as the "Breaker". It is His breaker anointing that will enable you to "pass through the gate" in order to see breakthrough come into your life, your church and your city.







Possessing the Gates of the Enemy

Other Books By: Cindy Jacobs

Amazon reader review: Ms. Jacobs' book is an excellent resource for intercessors and intercessory prayer group leaders. In fact, it is a "must read" for the latter as it contains a wealth of advice on how best to form and, for lack of a better word, manage such a group through the various stages of growth.








Streams of Living Water: Celebrating the Great Traditions of Christian Faith

Other Books By: Richard J. Foster

Streams of Living Water is Richard J. Foster's roundup of six great traditions of Christian spiritual practice. His essays on spirituality--contemplative, holiness, charismatic, social justice, evangelical, and incarnational--are grounded in straightforward profiles of biblical and modern characters whom Foster considers exemplars of these traditions. (The prophet Amos and the Quaker abolitionist John Woolman, for example, are featured in the chapter on social justice.) Each chapter ends with a bit of advice about how readers can cultivate new aspects of spiritual life and keep these Christian traditions alive: "Take a bath instead of a shower. Waste time for God," Foster writes, in his chapter on the contemplative tradition. Foster doesn't really break new ground in Streams of Living Water--he's written about most of these spiritual disciplines elsewhere--but this book is a useful and engaging introduction to a fairly broad range of Christian spiritual practices.




Prayer: The Mission of the Church

Other Books By: Jean Danielou

Danielou's collection of meditations on prayer is part of a series entitled Ressourcement: Retrieval and Renewal in Catholic Thought, which draws its inspiration from the mid-twentieth-century Ressourcement movement centered in France and associated with the work of Hans Urs von Balthasar, who wrote the foreword for this volume. The material in the collection was originally delivered as talks at days of recollection for the laity; its oral, popular, and devotional character are evident. The talks (as suggested by the subtitle) are as much exhortations to mission as meditations on prayer, and readers will learn a great deal about a theological attitude--permeated with tension between proclamation of uniqueness and exhortation to openness--that has shaped the Roman Catholic Church's attitude toward the larger world since Vatican II.






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