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Calling the Rainbow Nation Home

A Story of Acceptance and Affirmation


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Author: ET Sundby

“This book is a journey for truth.”—Samuel Kader Sr., pastor, Community Gospel Church, Dayton, Ohio, Openly Gay, Openly Christian, Leyland Publications.


Calling the Rainbow Nation Home profiles one woman’s spiritual journey to acceptance and affirmation and helps gay Christians around the world find strength and assurance in their own spiritual pilgrimages.


Am I going to hell because I am gay? Is homosexuality a sin? Should I remain celibate my entire life? Simple to understand, yet rooted in spiritual truth, Calling the Rainbow Nation Home has the potential to heal—to heal the battered soul of the Christians who are struggling to reconcile their homosexuality with their faith, and to heal their relationships with those who love them and want to understand.


A new era is just beginning in the gay Christian community, as thousands begin to realize that God loves us all just as we are. 


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Chapter Review


1-Calling Me Home

2-The Way Back

The first two chapters are a personal story and explain how I came to accept Jesus and then dealt with the dawning realization that I was gay.  It’s here that the my journey to reconcile my faith with my sexual orientation begins.


3-Am I Going to Hell?

Chapter three is the first major issue I faced: Was I going to hell simply because I’m gay? Everyone seemed to be telling me that but was it true?


4-The Most Excellent Way

Chapter four discusses the question I wrestled with next. Is being gay a sin? For that matter, what is sin to God anyway?


5-Secret Sin?

I knew I was saved and understood now what sin was and was not to God. But was I fooling myself into believing everything was OK when it wasn’t? Was my life a sham? Was my desire to be with my partner clouding my perception of right and wrong?


6-Is Celibacy God’s Will for Our Lives?

Chapter six explores the question of celibacy – or forced celibacy to be more exact. Many denominations today (e.g. Catholic) require homosexuals to be “non practicing” before they will be accepted into their congregations. Is this scriptural? Is this God’s will for the homosexual community? Was this God’s will for me?


7-So Why Are Homosexuals Condemned?

Chapter seven examines the eight passages in the Bible that are used by some to oppose homosexuality. What does the Bible really have to say about this issue?


8-The Ministry of the Holy Spirit

Chapter eight discusses the importance of the Holy Spirit in this journey and how the Spirit leads and guides us into all truth.


9-Go Tell Them What You Have Seen…

Chapter nine talks about the miracles and work I witnessed while pastoring a church that ministered primarily in the gay and lesbian (GLBT) community.


10-The Gentiles and The Jews-Our Story Too

We are hardly the first group to be ostracized and maligned by the church. Nor is this the first time leaders within the church have missed the truth. We can learn much from those that have gone on before us. How did they overcome their prejudices, misconceptions and fears? The path both sides took to reconciliation is an important roadmap for us today and one that gives us great hope for the future of God's church.






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