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ET Sundby

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Calling the Rainbow Nation Home

“This book is a journey for truth.”—Samuel Kader Sr., Pastor, Community Gospel Church, Dayton, Ohio, Openly Gay, Openly Christian, Leyland Publications.


Calling the Rainbow Nation Home profiles one woman’s spiritual journey to acceptance and affirmation and helps gay Christians around the world find strength and assurance in their own spiritual pilgrimages.


Know folks that are struggling to reconcile their faith with their sexual orientation? Do you need an excellent resource material to give to friends and family of gay (GLBT) Christians? This book answers many of the questions so common to the coming out process for a gay Christian. Is homosexuality a sin? Should I remain celibate my entire life? What does the Bible have to say about this issue? These are only some of the topics discussed. This book will bless you, here is what others are saying about "Calling the Rainbow Nation Home":


       “Thank you so much for writing this book. I struggled for a long time with being a lesbian and Christian. It was through reading your book that I finally felt able to go back to church again, something I didn't think possible at the time.”


       "This is one of those rare books that strives to be painstakingly honest, with no pre-conceived agenda. I'm a very conservative, straight Baptist woman who also happens to be a physician AND to have many gay friends, whom I love dearly. I have to say this one reference has been more helpful for me than any other source I have read ..”


      "The first book that I have read on this subject that was so easy to read and understand and at the same time incredibly powerful and life changing. I always knew in my spirit that my partner and I were not wrong, but didn't have the knowledge of the scripture. It is a wonderfully powerful testimony backed with scripture and moving honesty. Where I live there is not a Christian gay church so this book helped so much. Whether you're gay or not you should read this book."

      “I promise to make this short…. for a long time, I have been in a dark place trying to understand church, God, and how I fit into the whole religion picture.  Being gay, I have been hard on myself and believed God made me by mistake..... etc... Until recently and after reading your book, while on a 14 day Hawaii vacation, I discovered and completely believe that I am loved and was not created by mistake. Your book did wonders for my soul and I wanted to send you a personal message to thank you.”


       "Thank you for your wonderful book "Calling the Rainbow Nation Home".  My 19 year old son confided in me two years ago he was gay...what a shocker....We have not ever been very religious but he is so worried about going to hell because he is gay...I was surfing the internet one day, checked in on the Dr. Phil show and found the book.  I read it in two days and couldn't wait to see my son to share this book with him...I hope it helps him and I am sure it will....he too, has considered being celibate.  Thank you so much for writing this book...makes complete sense to me."


      "I can't express how highly I think of "CALLING THE RAINBOW NATION HOME." How I hope untold numbers will read it. It is so well written and readable. It is so thorough; it surely takes every problem a gay person struggling with orientation and God could have. In so many places it is so insightful. ... In the past I've had letters from people needing this and now I have something to give them."


     "Thank you for giving 'us' (gays, lesbians, bi-sexuals and transsexuals) a voice in which we can be heard."


       “I will probably not have an opportunity to meet you, but I want you to know that your book has had a dramatic impact on me.  I pastor a very small group of people.  Often, it seems that it would be easier to give up the ship.  However, in reading your testimony and your description of the ministry you started, I realize that I have to keep going with the Lord's help…”


      *…I can't begin to tell you how much this book ministered to me.  I spent most of my adult life in fear of hell while preaching the gospel to the G.L.B. T community. Now I’m on fire for God again and sure in my calling!”



A new era is just beginning in the gay Christian community, as thousands begin to realize that God loves us all just as we are.  For a chapter by chapter synopsis click here.


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