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Judith McDaniel


The Lesbian Couples Guide

McDaniel corrals a vast amount of information on lesbian coupling in every sense--emotional, legal, and mundane. Citing the experiences of nine representative couples, she covers a large range of issues, each of which she addresses in the appropriate one of her book's nine parts: "Defining Ourselves," "Lesbians and Sex," "Living as Lesbians," "How We Do It" (i.e., becoming couples), "Living Together," "Parenting," "Power Issues," "Uncoupling," and "Going Long Term." In passing, she considers such essential concerns as sexual styles and safe sex; dealing with the closet; setting boundaries and creating rituals as part of bonding; the legalities of making a home and a life together; lovers who don't have sex; lesbian moms; race, class, body image, and disabilities; lesbian divorce; and aging within long-term relationships. Of necessity, McDaniel explores no single issue in great depth, so her guide may best serve as a jumping-off point for further examination, perhaps in the references and resources listed at the end of each major section.






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