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Hannah Hurnard



Hinds' Feet On High Places

The Christian allegory, such as the classic PILGRIM'S PROGRESS, is a story that characterizes the Christian walk of faith described in the Bible. Restricted to a single meaning, the allegory features Christian virtues and sins as symbolic characters who have no real personal qualities beyond the abstractions they represent. In Hurnard's allegory, Flo Schmidt narrates the story of characters named Much Afraid, Sorrow, and Suffering as they journey to the High Places, where their weaknesses will be turned into strengths and their fears into faith. The Shepherd who leads them is characterized with a kind, gentle voice filled with love and hope. The personalities of Craven Fear, Pride, and Selfishness, who act as antagonists, are depicted with sharp, cutting tones. The testing of each character during the journey is realistic, and tones of joy ring out as Much Afraid and her companions gather memorial stones to mark their progress.



Hinds' Feet On High Places Women

Amazon reader review: This book is so great. It is a allegory ,but based on a Biblical concept. I read this book and lent it out. Is is so good that I purchased it again so I can have it in my library.








Mountains of Spices

Amazon reader review:  This sequel to Hind's Feet On High Places tells the story of how Grace and Glory (formally Much-Afraid) and her friends lead many of her enemies to follow the Chief Shepherd. Not all decide to follow, but those who do so find a release from their old, sinful self and receive a new nature from the Shepherd (like how Grace and Glory did). How wonderful to see the Shepherd give new names to replace their old ones. See how the Shepherd is able to develop Hind's Feet for those who cannot physically journey with Him to the High Places. Learn also about the nature of the fruits of the Holy Spirit. I read this book with the same inner joy and excitement when I read Hind's Feet. Before I read this book, I was hoping for a sequel to Hind's Feet when God answered my prayer. This books shows that when we surrender our fruits of the flesh to God, He will replace it with His own wonderful fruits of the Spirit. When we live a life loving the Lord, it will draw people to the Savior and God can make us forgive and love our enemies.



God's Transmitters

Amazon reader review: God's Transmitters, by Hannah Hurnard, is full of spiritual truths and practical applications of faith and love. It addresses the common problem of a dull prayer life and gets down to the nitty gritty thoughts that hinder our prayers. It's more than just a prayer guide because it deals with human nature and surrendering to God's will.






Winged Life
Amazon reader review: This book is a "must" read book. It's very inspirational. Truly god wants his children to have "winged life" and soar above our earthly trials. I must say it's by far the best devotional book i have ever read. Ms. Hurnard is amazing and god is glorified through her book!




Kingdom of Love

Amazon reader review: The very questions that nag at any Christian who has tried to walk as Jesus walked are faced in this wonderful small book. How can I love? How can I love people who I know are not perfect, not even good--how can I overlook their faults? How can I love without being a total hypocrite, or without being mindless? How can I pray for people in love? How can I be transformed? Will I have to wait till I die to be perfected in love? (see I John 4, 12 and 17--love HAS BEEN perfected in us!) Hannah Hurnard opens her heart and tells us that she struggled long and hard with these questions, and that she refused to accept the easy answers that leave so many of us feeling powerless, guilty, and half-alive. And she speaks plainly--no "reckoning", no "words of faith" that seem to just refuse to face reality. She has given me great hope. Brothers and sisters--we need this power to love! Let us not settle for anything less than all that God has promised us!



Hearing Heart

Amazon reader review: I was given this book when I told my daughter that I wanted to hear God and talk with Him the way I was talking to her. This book taught me how to have such an intimate relationship with Him, and about how to lay everything down and completely trust Him for every moment of my life. I highly recommend this book!





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Walking Among the Unseen
The author leads readers to discover Christ's church at work in the world--the invisible world.





Wayfarer in the Land
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Watchmen on the Walls: An Eyewitness Account of Israel's Fight for Independence from the Journal of Hannah Hurnard

Amazon reader review: Hannah Hurnard went to Israel in 1932 and lived through the war for and acquisition of independence for the new nation in 1948; Actual accounts of the hardships and miracles of living through the war. Her resolve was monumental. A book that leaves you thinking, "How would I have lived through it?"






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Hannah Hurnard: The Authorized Biography

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