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Harry Emerson Fosdick


A Guide to Understanding the Bible: The Development of Ideas Within the Old and New Testaments

Amazon reader review: 1938. This book is written for the individual interested in the Bible in terms of its chronological development, and endeavors to build a bridge over which available information concerning developing Biblical ideas may pass into the possession of a larger public. Contents: the idea of god; the idea of man; the idea of right and wrong, the idea of suffering; the idea of fellowship with God; the idea of immortality; chronology of Old Testament and New Testament writings.




The Manhood of the Master: The Character of Jesus

Amazon reader review: Though written more than a century ago, Fosdick's insights and reflections on the personality of Christ remain fresh and relevant. My grandfather took this little daily devotional book with him into the First World War; my father took it with him into the Second; and it is just as inspiring for the conflicts of today. You will find daily gems of insight and inspiration. Well worth your time and study.





Meaning of Prayer

Amazon reader review: I purchased this book from a library close-out of old books for a mere 10-cents and having read it, I wouldn't sell it for ten-thousand pennies. It is truly my most favored piece. It's tattered pages have provided depth and riches to my prayer life as I'm sure it will to anyone who seeks a greater intimacy with our Creator and Father. Fosdick, in bringing the prayers of others into his pages, present a more comprehensive study to liberate our communication with our Lord. I can't love it enough for the way in which the Father is worshipped. A must read!




A Preaching Ministry: Twenty-One Sermons Preached by Harry Emerson Fosdick at the First Presbyterian Church in the City of New York, 1918-1925

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