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Albert Einstein


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Book in the Spot Light

Calling the Rainbow Nation Home

By: ET Sundby


 “This book is a journey for truth.”—Samuel Kader Sr., Pastor,

   Community  Gospel Church, Dayton, Ohio, Openly Gay, Openly

  Christian, Leyland Publications.


  Click for Purchase Info

   Calling the Rainbow Nation Home profiles one   

   woman’s spiritual journey to acceptance and

   affirmation and helps gay Christians around the

   world find strength and assurance in their own

   spiritual pilgrimages.


  Am I going to hell because I am gay? Is

   homosexuality a sin? Should I remain celibate my

   entire life? Simple to understand, yet rooted in

   spiritual truth, Calling the Rainbow Nation  

  Home has the potential to heal—to heal the

                                   battered soul of the Christians who are struggling

       to reconcile their homosexuality with their faith,

       and to heal their relationships with those who

       love them and want to understand.                           

         A new era is just beginning in the gay Christian

     community, as thousands begin to realize that

     God loves us all just as we are. For a more in depth

     look at this book click here.


        One reader wrote:

          "This is one of those rare books that strives to be painstakingly honest, with no pre-conceived agenda. I'm a very conservative, straight Baptist woman who also happens to be a physician AND to have many gay friends, whom I love dearly. I have to say this one reference has been more helpful for me than any other source I have read--and I think I've read almost all of them! This is such a difficult issue and so divisive for so many. If everyone read this one book, I think that might not be the case anymore. Rev. Sundby has stayed true to the Biblical passages, using the original Greek translations. I think this book could be one way God has employed for healing relationships that have been troubled by the "gay vs. straight" controversy. We're all sinners and we all need His grace. Rev. Sundby deals with this beautifully."


and another...


     "The first book that I have read on this subject that was so easy to read and understand and at the same time incredibly powerful and life changing. I always knew in my spirit that my partner and I were not wrong, but didn't have the knowledge of the scripture. It is a wonderfully powerful testimony backed with scripture and moving honesty. Where I live there is not a Christian gay church so this book helped so much. Whether you're gay or not you should read this book."

                                       E-Book version from Amazon $6






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  • Books and authors were added to the list based upon a general question that was posed to the bulletin board and to fellow ministers. That being: "What books and/or authors have changed your life?" The variety of titles, authors and subjects beautifully reflects the rich diversity of religious and personal experiences in our Christian community. Currently the list contains over 150 authors.

  • Books / authors are referred to us through our readers and co-workers in the ministry. Opinions stated by the authors may not reflect GALIP's opinion nor may all of these authors be 'pro' gay in their theology.  If any book listed on our site contains anti-gay material please contact us by clicking here.

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